235 ticks 5 trades on NQ this morning. w/1 contract


https://www.screencast.com/t/OJkkq1nz https://www.screencast.com/t/lRIypqAPSp


Impressive! Way to go!


I wish these trades were explained better so I know what I’m looking at. Like what kind of power plays setups am I looking at?


This actually is not one of the Ultimate Power Plays, but it is considered one of the 4 additional Powerful Setups that you can read about in Section 10 Systems SEES in the Trading Question Forum. It’s called a Power P where a cluster forms on the pivot bar. All the rules and entry points are outlined in the Forum page. Also there is a momentum star before the Power P bar. This also adds confirmation to this being a valid trade setup. The best way to learn more about these kind of setups is to be in the Elite Room when everyone is trading live. These kinds of trades are being called out in real time. It’s helped me learn a lot more than all the studying I’ve been doing and webinars I’ve watched. Hope this helps.



Thank you Nelson! If I may add that the ultimate Power plays are the foundation for the whole system, after adding the walls, after countless hours of replay and demo trading, studying OP and most important of all , finally fully committing to the fast track system I started to see more clearly where the price action was more likely going to reverse.