Consisitely Having 6 net down days...Help


It seems like I’m really good at picking out the bad trades and then getting gun shy when good ones come around. Started on LeeLoo Eval Account on 4/29 and have already reset once. I also am consistently getting filled a tick late and not filled when everyone else gets filled at 7 ES or 10 on NQ. My chart will only be at 6 or 9 on those bars that just barely go to Take Profit. I know I don’t have great internet and don’t have any choice being in a small town. I’m thinking about just changing my ATM to 6 TP on ES and 9 on NQ to take the stress off.

I appreciate the help.

Double Cluster scared me…

Thought I was with the Trend


Bad Internet I think.

Think I jumped out BE because it closed down two bars against me


1st trade is a solid long ghat worked. Double cluster on a contintion shouls not scare you


2nd trade long up trend tgat late into it expect a pullback


I dont see a trade on 3rd chart


4th trade long and profitable make sire your usinh buy stop linit and sell stop limit always adjust you take profit to 2nd level of bar range once filled. Good trade


5th chart profitable and you missed a good one earlier in the trend as well. Not sure what issue you had there.


Thanks Darrel. Really appreciate the help.