Elevator Set Up and Rules



ELEVATORS: The basic elevator is 1 bar of a different color/close in a trend. For example, in the first screenshot below, the trend has begun to go short. The bars are closing down (showing here as cream colored). One single bar closes up (showing up as a clear bar), and the next bar closes down again. The bar that closed up is the elevator bar. The entry is 1 to 3 ticks after the high/low of the elevator bar with 3 being the more conservative entry. The bar after the elevator bar MUST close before the trade may be entered to make sure it is an elevator and not a reversal.

The elevator with the highest potential to profit is the first one in a trend.

A short entry is illustrated in this screenshot. The stop on an elevator is about 20 ticks.

A long elevator entry example looks like this.

FUTURES TRADES ON CL (Crude Oil) FOR 09/14/2016 using the APEX ALCHEMY (2.0), SEES and VAD
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When it is said that the stop is about 20 ticks, does that mean we just set the stop 20 ticks above the entry, or is there a specific location on the chart for the stop, such as in a IZSS swing trade, where the initial stop is at the swing high or swing low?


Just 20 ticks as a standard


Hi, in the first screenshot (up trend) is said that the entry has to be 1-3 ticks below the low of the Elevator Bar, but in the second screenshot (down trend) is said that the entry must be 1-3 ticks above the close of the Bar after the Elevator Bar. Witch options is the right one? or it depends of the kind of the trend (up or down)? Thanks for your kind answer.


If it is an up trend and up close bar it is 1-3 ticks ABOVE high of the bar If it is a down trend and down close bars it is 1-3 ticks BELOW low of the close The reasoning is that we want the bar to close and complete and we want the market to go 1-3 ticks past the high or low / close fo the bar to show even more confirmation of direction


Love this setup! There have been some updates to it. Look for a video from Darrell updating this trade to go with the Sniper System. Lori’s Rules will be a big help in the meantime. https://www.screencast.com/t/1hhFthGYFr2u


New video coming soon to sniper oage