Stacking the Panels


Here I will give you a step by step to stack the unused panels and make more room for your charts. The panels, although unused by the user are vital to the automation of the Trade Assistant and cannot be deleted. But you can stack them on a single panel. Here is a MES chart with the Trade Assistant. I have identified each panel by corresponding panel number in the indicator properties for each panel.

As you can see panels 3 and 4 are really not used by the trader, and panel 5 is pretty much hidden. You can resize each panel, but some of them cannot be reduced more than a certain amount. The next image shows the panels larger.

Ok, let’s now stack panels 3, 4, & 5 to make more room for your diagnostic bars.

Right click on panel 1 and bring up your indicator properties.

Find the name of your Panel 3 and select it. Verify the Panel number in the right of the indicator properties. Don’t skip this step!

The select the indicators in panels 4 and 5 and change them both to 3. Now all of these indicators should show in panel 3, superimposed on top of each other.

Do not press Apply or OK until you change all of the indicators you want stacked. It will reorder the numbers and would change the procedure some. Once you click OK you might find that there are additional panel that have been out of sight and are now in view. Simply keep identifying the panels by name, and changing the panel number until all of the indicators that you do not use are stacked within one panel. It will look somwhat like this.

Now it’s just a matter shrinking the panel to make more room above. Click on the line between the panels and drag it down reducing the size to where you want it.

As you can see, you can resize that panel where it is no longer in view at all. This allows more room for your diagnostic bars and additional indicators that you may want to actually use. Volume, Trends, etc.



You can also just click on an object in the panel and drag it up on top of another. It’s not quite as intuitive since it appears that it didn’t work, as another panel simply comes into view. And it looks like the one you just moved. And, you give up. But it really is working. Watch the indicator names as you move them.


Make sure to not mess with the TA panels or you will mess up TA