This is the place to see all of the Articles that are written for news sites such as Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, Morningstar, Futures Magazine, Fox Business, Benzinga, and Nadex Exchange Blog, Trading Street, and other Finance places for the articles that Darrell writes and submits articles that are published. Most often, you'll see them here first.

S1 - Sanity - Psychology

Discussions here about Trading Psychology, Motivation, etc

S2 - Steward - Resource Management

Discussions about Position Size, Risk, and Money Management

S3 - Schedule

Discussions about when to trade or what system to trade

S4 - Select - Underlying Markets

Discussions about underlying markets and instruments

S5 - Structure - Trading Essentials

Discussions about trading computers, cloud trading, internet connections, data feeds, platforms, free trading tools, brokers commissions, margin, indicators, and toolkit

S6 - Study - Apex Indicators

Discussions about APEX Toolkit indicators, bars, etc

S7 - Style - When To Edit Your System

Discussions about reading the markets, price action, volume, expected movements, and fundamental moves

S8 - Strategies

Discussions about different types of trading instruments and ways they can be used

S9 - Scan - APEX Scanners

Questions about the Scanners

S10 - Systems - Apex Sniper Trading

This area is for questions about the Apex Sniper Trading Setups and other content involved

S11 - Submit - Entries and Exits

How do you Enter and Exit the trades on the chosen system

S12 - Survey - Evaluate Trading Performance

Log things that you should or should not repeat, ah-ha moments, etc.

Technical Support

Look here for answers to common question.

Watch Webinars Here

You DO NOT have to watch all of these videos to become proficient in the APEX systems. Go through your package (Essentials or Elite) courses FIRST. After that you may wish to further your knowledge here.