1/4 NQ End of the day Trade (Touch Bracket)


In the bull market on NQ I thought it would reverse around +1.5 or just before +2.0 but the market kept going higher. I found a good level at the end of the day to sell (Yesterday’s 1/3 +.7) deviation level.

Started trading T.B live and I love it better than spreads. You can profit much quicker and with minimal risk if you pick the right contact.

Been finding success with Deviation levels & diagnostic bar entry points lately on my trading strategies.NQ%20Trade


Nice work!


Another successful move on the NQ, market moved about 100 points. I got in to early on my spread trade, didn’t follow my 68 % Fib level rule and wait for a deviation level reversal. I noticed the market was reacting off the +.7 level and decided to get in on a T.B. to take a quick profit. I got out around 6474 for both contracts but kept on the binary trades.

Overall there is a big difference between spreads & T.B movement in price. Love it! I find spreads are safer to trade depending on the day but are bad if you have a target profit you want to reach because the market can reverse anytime just like it did today.
Anyone trading T.B??