10/28/2016: updated nadex trading log with pictorial instructions


Hi All,

Created a Nadex trading log for myself. Decided I’d share since the one that’s currently being passed around the forum is pretty old.

Zip file includes pictorial instructions on how to use it, although its pretty straight forward. There are 2 worksheets total in the workbook: “Trades” and “Daily Results”.

I recommend opening up your Nadex statement at the end of each session and using that information to complete the journal. Although do keep in mind I am a complete newb lol. Only been trading the past week on a demo account lol. So, perhaps journaling AFTER the session isn’t the way pro traders do it. Take my advice with caution lol.

If you come across any bugs in my programming, please let me know, or if I am missing a crucial trading metric , feel free to make a request and I will upgrade.


Nadex Journal with Instructions.zip (882.8 KB)


One other tid bit I forgot to add for potential users:

I recommend saving this journal as a TEMPLATE and making the file “Read-Only”, so that you can start a brand new journal every month and maybe name it “October Journal” …etc. You don’t want to overwrite the file of course because then you will need to download a new one for every month.