2 More Questions


Q1. What did I miss with this trade? It only had 1 MM and should have been out before the wall.

Q2. IDK if I just missed it in the videos (I’m actually going through them a 2nd time now), but what is OP rejection? And/or what video should I watch to learn about it?



I’m a newbie so a seasoned person may correct me on this… It appears that you entered the trade at the top of the reversal bar. Depending on your offset (0 or 1), at the close of the next bar, you were up 5 or 4 ticks (again, depending on your offset). The following bar went short so you were not able to take profit at 9 ticks (where your ATM is set).


That is a possibility. Every once in a while I keep wondering that. Especially if I miss by 1 tick.


I am also relatively new but I think I remember there being a rule about not taking the 1st setup directly after you have 2 clusters within 3 bars. It is an HD trade bouncing off of a ZOI so I may have thought about taking it too. The only thing I may have taken pause about would have been the clusters. They are super powerful.


Trade was in a clear chop area.