3 losing trades - help please!


I’ve just hit my 3rd consecutive losing trade so I really need some help to correct my trading (though the first loser was due to poor execution on my part). This trade was what I thought an enhanced X box, but it went against me:

Can you help me understand what went wrong? Did I fail to follow one of the rules?

One of the rules is to be within 2 ticks of an OP level. Should the mini-magnet have been above the high of the bar, or was it okay that the bar touched the MM? Thanks! -Doug


Hi there.

This is my very first ever post responding to help someone, so you may be missing something here: but what I see is that trade was just a losing one. Also, was there a pawprint on the set up bar? I see an orange line behind the black price indicator, but I just wanted to make sure u knew that was part of the setup (if doing enhanced Xbox trades)

The set up bar, from what I understand, should bounce OFF of the mini magnet, as it’s a support/resistant level… so very unlikely that the market will penetrate it, thus making it an ideal part of the set from which the market will rise/fall.

You were approaching a ZOI before taking profit. You’d need three of these OP levels between where u get in and take profit to know not to take the trade, so this wouldn’t be considered a “stack.” However one ought to be cautious, perhaps tighten your stop, when approaching one of these.

Darrell, if you’re reading this… was I on the right track?


Shouls have taken profit at blue ice level