61/61 Called trades! Wait, there is more!


Another fantastic day trading live money!

For the past 2 weeks Darrell and Lori have called 61/61 winning live trades in the Elite room. Three of those were today.

That is not the whole story. The Sniper system has signaled way more trades than were called and the win rate is 95%. For example, from 0930 to 1130 AM today there were nine legitimate entries. All nine of those entries were profitable. 9 trades at a minimum of $50 each.

Just to put that in perspective. If you netted an average of $90 a day after fees, that’s $450 a week, $1800 a month, $21000 a year! Not quitting your job money, but you can certainly start to do some life changing things for yourself or someone else’s life!

Darrell and Lori are teaching how to read the market to filter down to the highest probability trades and only call those out. They are teaching us how to read levels, divergence, and targets. This slow introduction will eventually allow the trader to learn when to trail and how to maximize tic collection and move into multiple contracts.

Honestly, I have never seen APEX this successful in helping so many people get it and get it quickly, and I’ve been hanging around since 2012.

Hope to see you in the Elite Room!

-Christopher (AKA Ronin50)