7/6/2020 Trades for Doug


Here are my 3 NQ trades for the day: https://www.screencast.com/t/Tqc9Cavhc3R

Just want to check my logic and make sure my winners weren’t lucky possibility trades and not good probability trades.

Trade 1 was a DTX short with my stop just behind the ZOI (bit of a nail biter). Next I passed on a #4 because I don’t think it was bouncing off a level (It was close to a ZOI but that isn’t enough). Trade 2 was a TX long with ODD (2827 vs 1071) and DRD. Trade 3 was a TX with the trend. There was a paw and a MM in the way, but need 3 things to make an obstruction so I still think this trade was valid.


Trade 1 was not a DTX a DTS has a tx with a paw or MM and a Paw MM ZOI or iblock within 2 ticks of the new paw or mm that the tx makes.

Trade 2 is accurate

Trade 3 correct with the DR

Good job on passing on #4 with no level