90-Day challenge template


Is there a way to change the quantity on the template to more than 1 contract? Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t seem to find away to add contacts to th template.

thanks in advance.


We will get that added in. Assuming your trading micros?


You can just chage your value per tick ie 3 micros 1.50 a tick


Here is how you can change the template so you can have more contracts.

Sniper trading 90 day challenge spreadsheet template

Thank you Mongo67. It worked perfectly.


Yes, I’m trading micro. Mongo67 was able to help me. Thanks


Hello Mongo67, I just downloaded the 90 Day Challenge Spreadsheet. I listened to your video a couple of times. I was entering a few trades to get use to entering trades, but I could not find a place to put in the data feed charge I pay for each month $21.00 per month. I could put in a trade to get the bottom line right but that will make the trade stats wrong. Maybe there is a place to put this kind of info but I could not find it. The spreadsheet is Awesome. Thanks


90 day challenge is to survive don’t swet the data fees


I put in the fees and put in a trade and it looks like it is charging me double the fees If i am trading 5 MNQ contracts the fees are $0.51 per contract that would be $2.55 on the buy and $2.55 on the sell for a total of $5.10 per trade but it is showing $14.80 profit on a $25 trade why is that? I know don’t sweat the fees but just want to make sure there isn’t a glitch.


Can you posy long link so image shows in post


You have 5 contravts so fee x 2 x 5 is correct


Here is one idea for a change to the spreadsheet involving # of contracts. If you trade different contracts throughout the day, like say 1 NQ and 5 MNQ, it doesn’t handle that. I just edit the formulas to calc correctly, no biggie. But if the field for # contracts was in each row, we could mix and match trades easily.


what are the procedures for the new updated 90 day challenges after we download it … Is our past info on original. automatically transferred… Do we have to make blank and template again…etc,


Copy and paste what you can update tbe rest ask Gabe and report back please


Hi, I would like to suggest a version of the 90-90-90- sheet. Could you set the pages so I can make each page a month instead of 20 days. This would let a full sheet be a tracker on a quarterly basis or even make a template with a full 12 months of pages for an annual tracker. I tried to change mine around but the sheets are protected and don’t allow editing, which is probably good since my programming skill isn’t that great and I’ll probably break other links. Thanks


A month is 20 days


Hi Darrell, I tried to set up the sheet on V3.025 and the dates on the individual sheets don’t match the beginning and end of each month. Am I setting something up wrong? I put in the first date and it filled the rest. I attached the view of the three sheets.

Thanks, Dexter


Let me get shane ri reply


The spreadsheet to set up to do 20 weekdays starting the date you enter in the overview tab. From what I can tell, you entered 4/1 as the starting day and 4 full weeks (20 weekdays) ended on 4/28 thus the next 20 days starting on 4/29.


New cls coming out soon a new traujing hows it going?