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Where can find a complete guide to all Sniper indicators on the template? The courses in boot camp seem to cover them only when important but I’m looking for a comprehensive guide to what I’m looking at.


I cover all the parts in the videos in section 8 as i go through obstruction levels and each piece in various webinars. They are focused on the application as that is what matters. Apart they mean nothing. Its combining them with the system rules and together that gives them value. If therr is something you dont understand let me know.


Hi Darrell, I’m on Step 3 of Sniper training, and you mention not trading when there are 3 OP’s after trading bar, one of which could be an iBlock. However, I didn’t catch a description of an iBlock prior to this.

I’ve been marking up a chart with info about components as you go through them; paw print, xbox, trapped order, etc… Was hoping to add iBlock to my chart cheat sheet.



Hi Darrell.

is trade automation really necessary to be successful with the sniper trades to 6 figures In a year? I’ve seen the vids and the trade reviews and sure, I do believe you can reach that 6 fig goal by the end of the year. But after watching the videos on trade automation, I feel like in order to really reap the benefits of this system, automation is close to necessary.

I intend on having my profits pay for my apex membership, datafeed, laptop, etc., and I’m really tempted to go ahead and pay for automation. But I feel like I should slow down.

Can I pull this off without automation… at least for now?


Hi Darrell.

Was watching your Market Review video “Trapped Xbox (Current)” (very top video under setup 2 Market Reviews) and towards the very end you brought up two trades and spoke on why you wouldnt have taken them… none of those reasons being that they were both in coil chop. Did i miss something?


Just wanted to make sure these were coil chop.

Also, would I avoid the trade if the three coil chop bars INCLUDED the set up bar? Would I avoid the trade if it was with the fourth set up bar that occurs after the three direction-alternating ones? (In other words, would the setup bar to ignore be the third (of the three) or fourth (after the three) of the coil chop bars?)


I wouod not say its necessary but its a lot lot lot easier


yes they are coil chop trades. Automatioon fikters coil chop