Any Evening Traders out there?


Hi fellow traders,

Just wanted to know if there are any evening traders out there? I know that the volume is low but it would be great to have a few fellow traders in the trade room in the evening. I’ve been typically up until 1am EST watching videos and trying to learn everything. Would be awesome to have some help putting things together in a live situation.

Darrell, do you think maybe you or someone on your team could do a trade room evening session, maybe once/twice a month? Any suggestions for what to pay attention to in the evening? Are FX Nadex spreads a viable option or is 11pm EPC on binaries the way to go?


Found this webinar from Darrell about Forex at night…haven’t watched it yet, but wanted to post.


Fx spreads 7 pm and 11 pm binaries And nikkei spreads (buy have to buy sgx data feed from iqfeed) is the best induce Forex news let’s you know what may move Usually aud and JPY pairs I am working with a couple traders who may start trading actively at night in the room soon