Anyone else get in some Market Replay over this long break? Always practicing, always learning


I have hid the time stamps on the charts and logs so I don’t ruin anyone else wanting to trade these days in MR.

Practice makes perfect. Professionals always keep practicing. Even after one attains a black belt after 10 years in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the mentality is still a “white belt” mindset. Always staying humble and remaining open to learning. Even though you may have done a technique 1000 times, each time you may discover a new incremental understanding that makes you just that more effective and efficient. In Jiu Jitsu we say you just have to put in the “mat time” and that means hours and hours of time on the mat sparring and practicing. Market Replay can get you that extra “mat time”. Stay consistent, stay disciplined and this will come to you, you will be successful.