Apex e entry on different time frames


The rule is to enter a position 3 ticks above or below an E. Is this rule valid for all time frames. The usual setting is 6 ticks. Is the rule the same if we change to 4,5, or 10 ticks.


Just to make sure its clear - Diagnostic bars are not a time frame - they have nothing to do with time. They are tick movement which may take 1 second for a bar or 1 day for a bar or longer even.

The 3 ticks above an E is the Apex Elite rule for the elite method used on diagnostic bars of any size. It works great on a lot of markets. But to say every market every single tick size would be a bit ambitious as all markets have their own volatility. Though some instruments do have different settings as shown in the instrument setting section under Elite above. As with all markets make sure you go back and test the system and the rule to ensure you got it down and that is working best for you and the specific setting you want to use. If you change bars sizes you need to test for that market what tick size is working best. Do at least a 20 day test (only test the hours that you actually trade). The 3 tick rule is to get you started get you going.


if i want to use a 4 tick bar, what other setting do i need to change in NT


If trading APEX on diagnostic bars and using less than 6 ticks (ie 4) then change the entry offset to 1