Apex Elite Setting


What’s a good setting for Apex Elite (not MVP…but the A.P.E.X. pattern) when I’m looking at daily trends…for instance, 60, 30, and most importantly 10 minute on the NQ? Also, can someone direct me to which particular box to change on the Apex Elite Pattern Indicator to accomplish this? Thank you!


Im sorry can you explain what you mean by setting? Do you mean bar sizes? Not sure what you mean by what box to change or what setting you are referring to?

Maybe this course helps http://apexinvesting.net/elite-mvp-bonus-non-essential-material-training-course/ ?

Also this link: http://apexinvesting.net/diagnostic-bar-size-and-settings/

The apex pattern is used in conjunction with the MVP itself to validate trades and determine bar sizes usually on diagnostic bars if trading futures forex or stocks.


Sorry, let me clarify…

Is there any way to adjust the frequency settings (how often the pattern pops up on my chart) on the APEX pattern, or is it automatic/can’t be adjusted? If I can change it, would I change something like “entry offset” or at another place in the APEX indicator properties? Does that make more sense? I will look at the links you posted as well. Thanks!


Im not sure what you mean by changing the frequency setting. It will pop up as often as the pattern appears. The offset needs to be set at 1 if the bar is less than 5 ticks else you can use 1. I as a standard always use 2 as the E offset to mark an E. There is no edge to making it lower than that. If you want more apex’s use smaller bars but that will also cause more chop so I’m not sure what your trying to accomplish.


Thank you!


So did that answer it lol i was sorta shooting in the dark?


That was perfect. You are always extremely helpful. I love Apex. Thank you!