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I’ve viewed TC tutorials as well as read some of forum posts. I’ve copied/paste parameters for CL & TF as instructed. I’ve done as follows;- 'Do not have data feeds set to connect on startup.

NOTE make sure you do always connect to AMP/CQG first then FXCM OR IQFeed Second. It is highly recommended that each day you delete the ninjatrader/db/cache folder to ensure charts are accurate’ Not sure what is meant by;- ‘Do not have data set to record historical data.’ Did tools update as well. Yet I’m getting incorrect entries on sim stats. Examples as indicated with blue line. :frowning:

cl chart.PNG (46.8 KB)

settings TC.PNG (102.3 KB)

settings TCC.PNG (102.0 KB)


This is because you are using the range confirmation bar type on your trend catcher indicator and minute confirmation bar type on your trend catcher confirmation indicator. Both confirmation and trend catcher indicators need to have the same settings. When you copy and paste new parameters into the trend catcher indicator, you need to make sure the confirmation indicator matches.


I noted your response and indeed that was the cause of my issue which I have resolved. However I found when I retraced my steps it was the act of copy & paste coding from S10 forum that unwittingly caused that parameter change i.e. Confirmation bar type. Not wishing to be finger pointing, it should have been incumbent upon administrator or moderator to ensure novices like myself (as far as ninjatrade is concerned) don’t get caught out. The video tutorial only emphasized the importance of keeping the numbers eg 10, 15, 5, 1, & 2 matching between the two indicators. I appreciate trading is a learning curve journey (and I’ve already traveled some miles {1.61 km} ) but it would be handy if there was clear signage along the way! Thanks all the same.


Error - do not connect to IQ feed second - you can connect 3rd after FXCM but not second as IQ feed “No longer” loads enough tick data to fill the needed days on the chart.

Your trend confirmation indicator needs to have the exact same settings as the confirmation settings as you have in the trend catcher TRUE/FALSE confirmation section.

they are two separate indicators if you have a single setting off it will be display different and will cause confusion there are only a few

ie minutes/range period back smoothing

those will make the difference so make sure they match for the confirmation pieces in both indicators.

The video says makes sure all settings match. We have added range as a new setting :slight_smile: It has drastically improved results.