Apex release of nadex binary and spread signals sent by text message!


APEX RELEASE OF NADEX BINARY AND SPREAD SIGNALS SENT BY TEXT MESSAGE! There are very limited spots and these will go quickly as we already have a waiting list of several hundred people! To ensure liquidity we will be limiting the number of sign ups per signal package. • Wednesday evening September 19th we will send out emails to those members that are part of the OTM Binary Breakout Mastery Course, in order of sign up, giving them early sign up option as promised, before being released to the public. • Thursday morning September 20th. If any spots are left, we will announce the sign up link in the Apex Skype rooms, Mentor rooms and Elite Trade Room.
• Thursday evening September 20th at 6 Pm ET The Public Release- IF ANY SPOTS REMAINING- will go out to over 25k emails of Apex Members, and Social Media. Meaning these spots will be filled in no time. The link will also be posted on the home page of the Apex Website until all spots are full. First come – First Served until they are gone! • A complete training course will be available upon sign up, to get prepared for text signals. • The first signals will begin to be texted out to members on Wednesday September 26th Don’t miss out! These spots will go fast! More details and reminders to follow next week as well as the overview video with Q&A once the announcement is made! Happy Trading, Apex Investing


Never got an email about this, were you full by Thursday?


It says Wednesday the 19 th for the otm binary mastery course members and Thursday 20th for other Apex members you are a week early today is the 14 th


My bad, busy week and i lost track of the week…thanks for the info.


No problem …you are welcome


Is the OTM Binary Breakout Mastery Course the same as “The Ultimate Nadex Breakout Trading Systems Mastery Course” that is being promoted on the home page of Apex? That’s what it’s called on the purchase page. I was looking at purchasing that course especially if it gets me first dibs on the signals service.



Yes, they are same thing. When the course was first released, there was a bonus for the first 100 people that signed up that included first right of refusal, so to speak. As was mentioned in the announcement, the order of release will be:

The first hundred that signed up for the “The Ultimate Trading Systems Mastery Course” (aka The OTM course) Then ALL people who purchased “The Ultimate Trading Systems Mastery Course” (aka The OTM course) Then all other Apex Rooms Then Public.

Buying the OTM course DOES NOT guarantee a signal service spot, but it will put you in a better position to possibly obtain a spot that is better than say, the general public.


Thank you! Yeah, I was thinking that the spots will probably fill up before it even gets to me.


Spots do seem to be going fast however, text messages with signals can only be sent to US and Canadian phone numbers. Bit disappointing for us international members but hopefully sometime in the future another system can be put in place so international members can participate in this great service.



Dave, we found a solution for it. We have a few international traders who signed up with https://go-text.me/. Check it out before its too late. Only very few spots left Good luck, let us know if you have any questions, Marion


Thank you very much Marion for the news and for the work on finding a solution.

My wife Sue signed up as she will be the one using the signals whilst she learns the Ultimate Break Out course. That both of us can say is excellent.



I thought there was going to be a Forum for the new binary and spread signal members?? Is that the case? If so, how do I locate it? Thanks!


In the “What To Expect” video that is part of the Signals Training Course, it mentions specifically there will not be a forum area for the signals. If you’d like to review that part you’ll find it starting at about 13:40.