Apex Toolkit ChangeLog Update 5/14/2014



The following is a list of the most recent upgrades to the toolkit and are included in the release version from 5/14/2014

MVP Accuracy /Consistency We have released an upgrade to the toolkit making your MVP indicator more accurate and consistent.

The MVP Indicator now requires setting CalculateOnBarClose=true

As soon as possible please update the toolkit. If you do not know how to update the toolkit please watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKWz91vvd6o

The chart templates provided by Apex Investing have been updated to use CalculateOnBarClose=true See the setting here:

If your using our templates simply right click and load the same template on each of your charts for it to update to the new setting.

However, if you made custom workspaces and custom chart templates that you created they will still have the old setting.

When charts load with your saved workspaces, they will display a red and yellow error message regarding this setting.

Simply edit the indicator setting as instructed and then save your custom workspaces AND custom chart templates.

Note if you use the same chart template then simply edit one chart. Save the template. Then apply the template to the other charts. Don’t forget to save your workspace after doing this.

We also set the default on the offset setting to 10 so it does not have to be manually changed.

Recent Updates In May 2014 That Are Also in the 5/14/2014 Version

Added Apex Clarity Price Indicator (sort of like nadex indicative on futures but faster). This allows you to not get kicked in a trade so easily by just a couple ticks or kicked out by just a couple ticks. It uses time and sales to look at where there is actually commitment of trades to determine the clear price . This is a MASSIVELY beneficial and SIMPLE tool.

We also added the ability to determine what average and how many sales to look back to calculate the clarity price (see clarity price indicator training for more information)

NOTE: To use Apex Clarity Price you will need to right click on indicators and remove the current price indicator, and add the clarity price indicator. In addition you will need to right click on data series and change the price marker to false, transparent, and then right click and set as default. If using a template then save over the template or make a custom one and save your workspace.

Learn more about it here: http://apexinvesting.net/forum/clarity-price-indicator-215/#.U3QVe_meZcY

Average Deviation and Average Deviation Levels

If you have an instrument that does not have implied deviation levels that is not a problem We have built an alternative that is named averaged deviation and average deviation levels. To use them just remove the deviation and deviation levels from your chart and add on the average deviation and average deviation levels to your chart. Make sure to watch the videos here: http://apexinvesting.net/forum/clarity-price-indicator-215/

Added a few fixes in on this as well to work with more instruments. If you see it is not working on any instrument just submit a help desk ticket and we will add it into the next toolkit release. It covers over 20,000 trading instruments.

Apex Deviation Crossovers

This is another way to look at the Deviation High to Low Movement. More information coming soon on this. But essential if you can read the deviation indicator you can read this indicator.

New Templates

We cleaned up the templates. Simplified the naming of them to eliminate some confusion Added a couple new templates like Momentum Scalper and 10 Min Magnet Price

Expected Volume Ability to choose time frame and ability to go down to 1 min bars if desired.

We added NZD/USD

Expected Volume now uses futures volume for any combination of the following spot forex pairs: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD

Foreign Language Integration

We have integrated foreign languages into the license code so those not using US English on their computer will be able to use the toolkit without having to making modifications to windows.

Default 24x7 Pop Up Remove

It will simply display a message directly on the chart to change the default session template to default 24x7 versus having to click the message again and again.