Bar Trend Chop Filter


This is an indicator that paints the bars the color of the trend instead of the color of the close of the bar. When adding this indicator, it works best to set both the up- and down-close bars to the same color. You set the color in the data series (see screenshot A) if you are using diagnostic or minute bars. You set the color in the bar style indicator (see screenshot B) if using continuum or shadow bars.

Screenshot A

Screenshot B

That way the current bar that is forming is a different color than your trend colors. We recommend something like dodger blue. This indicator will paint your bar the color of trend after the current bar closes. The default colors are green for a long trend; red for a short trend; and orange for chop.

Here is a screenshot of what the painted bars will look like.

The indicator is preset to all the defaults as you need them; however, there are a few adjustments that can be made in this indicator. See the screenshot below.

Red long bars?