Bootcamp and Market Replay


Learning a lot from the Sniper Bootcamp and really enjoying it. I’ve got the Market Replay set up and did a small practice session on it this morning and have found it a brilliant tool to spot a practice the set ups. I’m mainly concentrating on Set Up 2 and by going back through the set ups can see a few mistakes I’ve made.

The link below is for the first trades I did any comments welcome good or bad as I’m here to learn.



Awesome David, Market replay is so helpful … the more chart time by practicing on market replay the faster and better your trading skills will get…


Good job on both trades 2nd had divergenxe on DR allowing you to go against the trend. Excellant!


Thank you both for your great comments they’re very encouraging and help you to know you’re on the right track. :smiley:


Couple of questions on divergence, sometimes I get it and other times I get confused and give myself “brain ache” trying to work it out.

Had another practice session today and came across this set up. (link below) was trying to use divergence in helping me confirm the trade. Volume was low so I had time to look at things.

My questions are: Q1 From my comments on the chart is my understanding along the right track? Q2 Am I over analyzing things?

Any comments welcome. Dave


Od Divergence correct Dr was not divergenr need a big hill and a little hill same color