Can anyone explain this BIG move?


I’m doing an extensive study on deviation levels, and I just found something that seems unexplainable. Why did the US indices completely annihilate the -3 deviation in the middle of the night??? I looked at the US TECH 100 and US 500. When I saw this unbelievable move from 8pm to 2am on June 23/24, I had to look back at the news. There was absolutely nothing that came out at that time. Here’s my visual proof:

Other than this one time, the US 500 only crossed the 1 dev once, and still closed inside. The US TECH 100 crossed the 1 dev a couple of times & only closed beyond it once.

My best guess is some large institution picked that time to move a huge amount of money & mess up all of the people who were long in the indices overnight…


Check the top of the news on Thursday the 23rd

Brexit’s voting ended at 7pm EST

Check out any of the GBP pairs, especially GBP/AUD and GBP/JPY if you really want to see some movement lol :dizzy_face:


Yep, I remembered Brexit right after I shut my computer down. :slight_smile:


The Brexit Referendum vote