Cant log into aws


getting message stating no authentication to server. Does anyone know why cant log into aws anymore


Login to aws web portal see if card expired of that does not provide solution call or submit ticket to amazon.



If you are still having an issue, make sure you are running the most recent Amazon Workspaces Client application. Try to access your Amazon workspace from another device (i.e. smartphone, tablet) this can help you determine if the issue is an Amazon AWS problem or if isolated to your PC (if you are running Windows 10 and recently installed an update, this is a possibility). You can also try to log into your Workspace from directly from the browser (link here: ) just fill in the information and connect. If you can access it this way, most likely the aws client application download is bad and you can try to download it again or download a previous version.

I have had this happen to me in the past (although it is rare). Definitely submit a ticket to Amazon like Darrell suggested if you continue to experience issues, they are very quick to respond, or at least they were the one time I had to submit a request. :slight_smile:

Good Luck