Causes of data lag...


So I’m getting some pretty lousy fills at the moment and my Apex charts sometime freeze. There are a lot of moving parts so I wondering if anyone can suggest a logical problem solving approach… or which link is likely to weakest…

I’m currently using a Continuum data feed…

I have a surface pro 6 laptop (8 megs RAM) w/two external monitors

  • the cpu speed is around 6500 and Darrell suggests a minimum of 8,000

I have a 300/300 fibre optic internet service but the best my SPro can muster (ethernet NOT wifi) is 95 mbps.

If I subscribe to IQ feed, I assume my Apex charts will refresh faster… but my execution order speed will remain the same because it’s connected to GFF… Am I right?

Can I assume that any lag in my screen refresh rate / data updating could be caused by my SPro being overwhelmed?

Although I make mostly positive trades, small wins turn into losses in between the time I click the close button and the order being filled.

Any solutions will cost money - and I don’t want to spend a bunch of money only to find out the problem still exists :slight_smile: I’m just wondering which of the above causes would make the greatest difference.

Any suggestions you may have are more than welcome. Thanks! Brian


Look at your computer task manager and look at the power usage if it is high or very high delete some charts save new workspace and restart ninja open new workspace


Your ram is low and i suggest a benchmark of 12,000 not 8k your half the bare minimum. You need a new computer


Thanks guys. I’m having to live with my current computer for now - but hopefully not for long :slight_smile: I did re-work all my charts and I’m now satisfied with the refresh rate. It’s all good… Now my only challenge is to be a more disciplined trader… Brian