Change Log 7-18-14


Apex Members we have improved the Apex Ninja Trader Toolkit

Please run the installer today 7/18/2014 to ensure you have the latest version.

Latest improvements to your Apex Ninja Trader Toolkit

1) **** Multiple Version Download (Ability to backwards download an older version) ****

After you open the toolkit and click Install if you click somewhere else you may not see the “latest release list” pop up. simply hover over the Apex log in your task bar and you will see the release list and can open it

Install the 7-18-14 version.

2) **** Cache clearing utility ****

The Apex Investing Toolkit Installer for NinjaTrader now has a menu command that you can use to automate clearing the NinjaTrader data cache.

  1. Start the Toolkit Installer.
  2. Click Tools: Clear the NinjaTrader data cache

NB: If you have a lot of old data in there, it can take a long time to complete

  1. **** Chart templates ****

Chart templates improved and updated to ensure all have the Default 24/7 Session template.

  1. **** Expected Volume Data Setting Verification ****

Users sometimes forget to adjust their FXCM and Gain account connections to “Use NinjaTrader Servers” for downloading historical data. As a result, the chart won’t load as much historical data as you need. This release provides two measures against this mistake.

Measure 1. The tookit installer automatically corrects your account connection settings when you run it. Measure 2. The ExpectedVolume indicator alerts you with a friendly message when your account connection setting is incorrect and/or the chart hasn’t loaded as much historical data as it was supposed to.

  1. **** Custom Diagnostic Bar slot settings ****

Some of the ninjatrader users who had setup custom a diagnostic bar type setting to avoid conflicts with bar types from other vendors experienced the following problems:

  1. Unable to load candlestick style on the chart (only OHLC was available)
  2. Loading a chart template with candlestick style caused ninjatrader to crash or put up a message saying it was unable to load the template

These issue has been resolved.

If you find any issues after making the upgrade please immediate report it in the help desk under questions - help desk - tech support.