Changing Tick Sizes


I am having trouble trading APEX patterns on the USD/JPY. The suggested bar size is 14 ticks but there are hardly any APEX patterns or maybe there will be one or two but they span many hours making it difficult to trade binaries. I tried using the 6 tick chart and that was only marginally better. When I switched to 3 ticks I got more short term signals. My question is can you use a 3 tick bar and still be accurate or is that too sensitive? How important is tick size when it comes to trading APEX accurately? Does changing the tick size change the accuracy of the system? The bar sizes were chosen for a REASON RIGHT?


Hi David, it is ok to change the tick size. The larger the tick size, the less signals you will get, but it may smooth out the trends as well. The smaller the tick size the more you will get. You just have to make sure to not go too small. Meaning, on volatile days when the market is really moving, if you have too small of sizes it can get choppy on you etc. So if you have a smaller size and it is not constantly changing colors on your , then you are probably ok. But if it is a crazy day you may want to make a little larger bars. Select the instrument you want to trade and do a couple weeks back testing on a couple of sizes. But on U/J I like 4-6 tick bars. 3 is sometimes ok, but can alos move quick


David if you are going to use a tick size that is less than 5 you will also need to change the entry offset to 1 in the APEX pattern or the pattern will not print correctly on your charts.


To learn how to choose and find the best bar sizes watch this unit.