Charts Changing!


I noticed today that my charts were changing. I had my CL charts open and around 13:03 there was a Short Profit Popper that was set up. So I decided to go have some lunch at a nearby restaurant. Came back home just to see what CL had done for the day and I noticed that the Short Profit Popper was no longer there. It had changed to tally different set up.

BTW my Ninja Trader had disconnected while I was out so I/ had to refresh my charts when I came back in and that’s when I noticed the data had changed.

I do not have a screenshot of this because I did not think this was going to happen. It seems to me that whenever APEX System is refreshed that the entries are refreshed as well based off of the new data the algorithm has revived from the market movement.

Any others seeing this as well?

I know that this is nothing serious to worry about but I was just wondering why the sudden change?


Is there an orange E (failed E) in the area of the setup? The pattern may have just develped differently that it looked like it was going to.


If you reference the Elite MVP Training course and watch the Module 6- Understanding the Apex- It will explain how the Apex Pattern reverses and what causes it to reverse


With the data issue you had it most likely had to refresh the ticks to clean it up for you and causes the change. Make sure you are cleaning your cache each day using the cache cleaning tool in the toolkit.