Cheapest Way to Avoid Inactivity Fee of $25 @ Brokerage on Ninjatrader Future Account


So I learned that on top of the $21 Im charged every month for the info regarding the Futures pairs, but I started being charged $25 as an inactivity fee EVERY MONTH of inactivity of a live trade, so I had to place a live trade just to avoid the fee. Due to the fact that I was demoing but NOT doing any live trading for months at a time. I discovered to avoid the fee, one must place a trade with 2 contracts, so ie. 1 contract enter exit and enter exit, or 2 contracts enter exit. This method is way cheaper than the $25 fee esp if one uses the minis ie M6E future contract equivalent to EUR/USD FX pair and M6B future contract equivalent to GBP/USD. In order to trade this one can open up 6E chart and in DOM trade M6E.

The margin for the minis are way cheaper than the standard also.


You could also not pay anything at all by using the free demo datafeed. It doesn’t include all instruments, but it does have the most popular ones. You just have to re-register every two weeks.