Cloud Option?



Just wanted to get an update on Apex Cloud…the cloud option where you can access charts from a browser. Is that still in the works?


Yes we have it all done beta group is up and been fully operational for about a month now and very happy with everything. I just have to set aside a week to launch it and make it publicly available.


Any further updates as to when this service will become publicly available?


just have to get around to it with the 20 other projects… beta team seems happy though :slight_smile:

it wont fix a horrible internet connection (ie if your on dial up or satellite the computer and internet will be fast but the transfer of the image to your monitor will be delayed) if you have a decenter internet connection then its perfectly fine and super fast.

was not sure how much interest we have

if we have a lot we can bump it up on the priority list.


Count me in, as I have one laptop that is Windows based (and I have NT all setup) but my other one, which I use at home, is a Chromebook…so it would definitely be nice to have an option to chart using only a browser.


Reviving an old post - how much interest is there in this product? We have the technology setup. We just need to ensure enough interest to pay for the personnel to manage it.


Id love to use that for my laptop count me in DM


I want to do it but we need enough people to cover the basic cost and personnel to do support. Hopefully we can get some interest and get it launched.


I am very interested. I have been researching Speedy Trading, but would rather do it here.


yes be interested as well


Any updates on this? Is there just not enough interest?


Basically AWS amazon workspaces can give you the best service at a great price so we are just leaving it to them. We could give a bit more power at a lowr price but it would have a visual delay so we are doing what we do best and letting Amazon do what they do best.!4422!3!73823328282!e!!g!!aws%20workspaces&ef_id=VgsddQAABbKqYK0g:20151030180312:s