Confused about MVP


I watched the video-- How is the indicator represented on the IZone Sharpshooter chart. I thought it was a dark green arrow. After watching the video, it seems it is the line of small arrows that move throughout the trade. I had thought the small arrows were points at which stops could be entered. Clarification, please.


@dusty123 See the attached image, this should clear it up for you.



Great examples and response, thank you


Okay. So, its the appearance of a dark green arrow that sets up the possibility of a directional trade. Apparently, the appearance of the follow-on predictor arrows makes the possibility greater that the trend will develop. Correct?


The predictor arrows are where we set our stop loss at when trailing down. Depending on what your target is you can tighten up your stop as you get to key levels (ICE Levels, Deviations, Institutional zones)


You are not dependent on the dark green or dark red arrows. They simply help to show the predictors for trailing as a starting point if MVP has flipped. Yes often we will get a higher possibility of a trend if the MVP flips within 1 to 2 bars after the 2nd Trend Catcher arrow but with all the other confirmations you dont have to wait on this.