Consider Nadex Mini Bitcoin Spreads


By Darrell Martin

With all the ups and downs seen in the Bitcoin market, traders may have wondered if there might be a way to get in on the action while limiting the cost and the risk. Consider Nadex Mini Bitcoin Spreads. On February 27, 2018, North American Derivatives Exchange, Inc. (Nadex) submitted to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) its intent to list new Mini Bitcoin Spreads Contracts. These contracts are based on the underlying USD TeraBit Price Index.

The new Mini Bitcoin Variable Payout contract will have a duration of one month. It will be listed on the first trade date of each new month and expire on the last trade date of the month. The effective date for these new contracts is on or after March 1, 2018.

As traders who have watched or traded Bitcoin may know, there has been quite a bit of volatility. When trading spreads on Nadex, the profit and loss amount are known before a trade is entered. Because a spread has a floor and a ceiling, profit cannot be made above the ceiling and loss cannot go beyond the floor. It is like trading within a protected box. Risk is limited.

Trade Bitcoin Without Getting Stopped Out Trading Bitcoin with a Nadex spreads gives traders the risk protection of a stop loss, without slippage and without being taken out of the trade before they decide to exit. If the underlying price goes below the floor of the range of the spread, the spread doesn’t keep losing money.

The built-in floor limits the maximum loss, so a stop loss isn’t necessary. Traders cannot get stopped out. Instead, they are able to stay in the trade and wait for the market to turn back in the desired direction. Or, exit with no more than the maximum loss. If it is a profitable trade, traders can always exit before expiration.

Spreads Move With Tick By Tick Correlation Binary options have an all-or-nothing payout at expiration. Nadex spreads move with the underlying. When the market moves up or down, the spread price moves in close correlation.

Nadex spreads offer the same price action as conventional markets. However, because of their built-in floor and ceiling, traders cannot expect unlimited profit potential. Instead, they offer risk protection and staying power.

Trade Bitcoin When traders choose to trade Nadex Mini Bitcoin Spreads, they are trading the price of Bitcoin without having to own Bitcoins, which are settled in US dollars. Traders can also take advantage of price drops as wells as rallies by short-selling or buying Bitcoin Spreads.

When traders utilize Nadex for trading Bitcoin, they are able to keep their risk-reward within a defined range. One limit is the profit target. The other is the guaranteed protection against limited losses.

Nadex offers free practice with a simulated $25,000 unlimited demo account. Try out the Mini Bitcoin Spread contracts risk free, to decide if this is a market ideal for a particular trading style.

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