Continuum Bar Trend catcher confirmation arrow


Hello All, Happy Holidays!

Can someone please help me understand what may be happening in this situation. We have a pending TC arrow(cyan). We then have price breaking the high in the direction of the pending arrow but we do not recieve a confirmation arrow. This seems to happen when the bar is “cut short” due to the time aspects of the continuum bar. In this particular case had Trend catcher confirmed we would have had a very successful IZSS trade.

Am I understanding this correctly. Is what is happening have something to do with the continuum bars? Would it be safe to take this entry regardless?

Thank You all in advance!


@bfiege this one is a bit of a mystery

Please submit this to the help desk so it can be reviewed further. Please include a screenshot of your TC Settings and this chart including the date it is being taken of.


Will do! Thank You Darrell!