Darrell Martin Attends NinjaTrader Connect Conference


By Sherrie Nish– Apex Editor

Darrell Martin was excited to be able to attend the NinjaTrader Connect Conference this past weekend, September 18, 2015, in Denver, Colorado. He reported that he was able to enjoy First Class upgrades on his flights, allowing him to skip all the lines and that he had an awesome hotel.

While in Denver, Darrell was able to attend a Rockies baseball game where NinjaTrader had reserved three suites with great seats for their guests. At the game, the Colorado Rockies killed the San Diego Padres 10-4. Darrell also said that he enjoyed great food.

As part of the conference, Darrell was able to learn all about NT8. NinjaTrader put on a great reception for attendees at their headquarters one evening.

Raymond Deux, founder and CEO of NinjaTrader, gave a presentation all about the future of NinjaTrader and how we can be part of it. There was an open Question and Answer session where more was revealed about NinjaTrader8. The goal is for it to have a soft beta launch followed by a wide-scale release next year.

Darrell as able to meet all of the people in order to put the faces with the names that Apex works with each week. He also discussed integrating NinjaTrader with the Nadex Platform, which would all be done through Apex. He said that NinjaTrader thought that was an awesome idea!

Darrell was happy with a cool jacket given to him by NinjaTrader. I am sure everyone at Apex Investing will agree that we are glad Darrell was able to attend this conference in Denver, both to represent Apex Investing and to have a good time. He deserves it!


He deserves it!

And, how!