Deviation Levels


When will the new deviation levels for the new (may) cl contract be posted?

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They are up to date in the database feeding directly into Ninja Trader 7. You may want to get access to this indicator it makes it a lot easier is updated faster and auto plots not only the current deviations but also historical deviations. And if there are ever revisions live updates them on the charts. We see the website posting issue and will resolve it today. Make sure if you see an issue and its post 8:30 PM when the rollover happens for the next trading day to submit it in the help desk for the fastest reply. Thank you for pointing it out.



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Deviation levels still apply to the close only on futures, right?


The apply to close on Fx spot

The use settlement on futures.


Does the Deviations indicator works on stocks? if not why?


It works on over 22,000 Instruments this includes Futures, Forex, ETF’s and Stocks.

If it is not on a instrument you want then submit a help desk ticket and we can add it into the database.

Include the name of the stock, the ticker symbol in ninja trader, and the exchange it is traded on.