Diagnostic bars not working


I am on an elite trial and no matter what I do only time-based bars load. I updated the APEX toolbox and there was no change. I have manually gone to data series and the apex diagnostic candles are selected but are not showing. Anyone please help.


When you load a chart, load the template you desire. In the upper left you will see the bar type, change that to diagnostic bars. Then you have to change the brick size to be whatever you need for the type of trading you are doing. For example, if you are doing 5 minute binaries, you would chose the market (let’s say UJ) click “new.” Then go to template and choose BinaryTC3tick. Then go up to the top right and change the bar type to A.P.E.X. diagnostic bars and the brick size would be 3. Then click ok. The chart will take a few minutes, but it will now correctly load for a 5-minute binary. Hope this helps.


Thank you for your help!