Did ninja trader start charging for market data if you have a live funded account?


I recently opened a live account with ninja trader and they are telling me it will cost 117 per month for live data feed on the TF and 7 per month for the dow and nasdaq. is this correct?


Yes. However, if you can wait to trade TF, it’s coming back to CME I believe in July.


Also you can get the bundle for $21 and have your pic of markets, not be limited to just Dow. Hopefully the TF will be included in that price when its back to CME.


I just signed up for futures data and told if after 3 months I’m not trading live, they will charge an additional $25 per month. Sounds like a new rule.


Yes they charge a $25/month inactivity fee if you don’t make at least 1 live trade per month. That is not new.