Discovering Bounce Trades


I had been very successful trading bounces recently and was asked to post here in the forum so here goes. I’m not much of a writer so I’m hoping this turns out helpful and comprehendable to someone.
This particular day I was able to gather 149 ticks in 14 trades by scalping bounces. I’m not sure when it occurred to me that in every 10 tick diagnostic bar there is a possible 15 tick scalp if you include the wicks. So I then began to focus on all the reversals and places where trends take a breather and it seemed like these scalps were everywhere!
On a long Range chart I see where price action is met with a barrier. There are many different indicators that normally show up there that will cause a barrier. My goal is to enter in on what I call the rubber wire and scalp the bounce. This day I was using a larger stop than it turns out I needed. I used a 40 tick stop and only needed a max 26 tick stop. As you can see most of the stops were much smaller.