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How an Elite Member since Aug '19 Apex Investing Institute is the best Trading Institute and friendly place that a trader could be find. I’m not fluent but i was trade several years since 2003 and spent a very serious money at courses, seminars… , whithout success and leave it 3 years until this year when i was discover Nadex Education webinars that Apex will give freely to understand how binary works , etc. This was a New Beginning at my trading career, i’m start to feel how all knowledge that Apex share whith all of us literally open my mind to different and fantastic ways to make money, all very carefully designed to learn step by step , thinking for traders , covering all aspects , mind, system, management. Also i’m start to discover how important is to participate and help to all traders avoid this misconception that trading is a lonely place.

I can only show gratitude and give my best recomendation to all that become an ELITE member is the best choice that you can make today¡¡ … not tomorrow.

Sniper Bootcamp for me is the gold stone for my trading career brings me confidence, focus, hope and a good feeling that this is my place.

My curve of learning and results is growing exponentially but over all whith consistency and following all rules, keeping an eye to Apex 6-3 Money management… (this is my most important lesson to re-learn)

Thanks to all Apex Staff and traders that help me all days. Special mention to:

Darrell Martin, Lori Hale, Marion, Craig,

God Bless all of you¡¡

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