Elite pattern V2 help


Hello, I am using the SEES OP system and it includes the Elite Pattern V2 indicator. I would like to learn more about it but I have been unable to find detailed information on it. I did go through the Apex Indicators and Templates Training course but there was only a short video that did not provide enough information for a beginner like me. Is there something that will take me through the Elite pattern from beginning to end? Thank you


A.P.E.X. Used to be it’s own method but nowadays… don’t trade a sell if the Apex is green, don’t trade a buy if the Apex is red.


Thanks, So I should not be using it to decide on when to enter? But just as another indicator to confirm a buy or sell?


That’s how I use it, there may be a power play that uses it but on sees it’s used as an indicator not an independent method now.


Thanks. There is just so much to learn and it can be confusing with all the older videos. I went through the entire IZONE course to find out it was being phased out in favor of the SEES. It’s not a race though and I still learned plenty from the IZONE course. Thanks again.