Entering and Exiting with Spread Scanner


A question regarding entering with the spread scanner. Say I have an entry that will be 3 ticks above 24000 on the Dow. So I want to enter long at 24003.

I have my NTM and Daily filters on. I have a spread that is less than 10 premium and proximity. Is it best to enter via the lightning bolt when the YM underlying chart in NinjaTrader hits 24003 or is it best to use the stop limit feature in the scanner to buy the spread when the indicative hits 24003? Also, which is the best way to exit? Lightning bolt watching the underlying tick or stop limit setting the indicative to trigger?



Got this cleared up in the Elite Room from Lori.

Always enter when the chart tells you to.

When the chart hits entry, use the lightning bolt to enter on the closest spread.

Same with exiting.