ETX long


I am kind of lost, not knowing what happened on this long trade… Did I entered late? Also I am having difficulties in manually adjusting my stops… Your feed back is really appreciated… Thanks !!


Yes, the entry was late. Where you get in is about where you should have been getting out. The entry should have been one tick above the bar that your arrow is pointing at. Would need more detail to help you with your stop movement. Do you have an ATM setup?


The little numbers to the right of the bar that is forming when your watching the chart will tell you where to enter and where your profit target will be. They are the Bar Range indicator and on NQ the bar range offset should be set to 1, 5, and 10 I believe. You shouldn’t have to change anything though if you’re trading NQ because when you load the template it is set that way.

So, the first line that you see would be your entry point. For example- In the picture you captured on this post if the bar that is forming were to become a valid entry bar you would place your trade as Sell Stop Limit @ 11148.00 by right clicking on the chart and selecting the option for Sell Stop Limit@ 11148.00. If you have an ATM set up correctly it would take you out of the trade 10 ticks below the entry.

I used to have a hard time with entry points myself and once I learned how valuable the Bar Range lines are I made leaps and bounds in my progress.

I hope this helped. I’m only on my second month here myself so I’m certainly no expert but I try to help when I can.