Expected Range Indicator


Can someone please elaborate on how this indicator is constructed? I’m assuming there’s some sort of look back period and some type of average? Also, do I need to subscribe to get it?

Best Regards Chuck


It is a proprietary formula for that particular day, hour and to the minute. Lots of programming in the background to pull together all the data. yes you must be subscribed to an Apex Membership to get the indicator


I can’t afford Apex at the moment. Would an ATR suffice in a pinch?


Depends on how much you can afford to lose. A shortcut is the longest path to a destination. ATR is nothing like expected range. Atr is averange range over the last x bars. Expected range is calculated in advance for every amount of time instantly for the week for every time period of the week


Can someone please tell me how often price closes within the expected range? I want to know for iron butterfly purposes.


I would say on average over 80% of the time. That is why we have expected close to close as well :smile: But obviously this will bary by market volatility time of day etc… so simple backtest count the boxes wont take long for you to know.

It is expected that one would use expected volume when choosing to do a neutral strategy if its greatly exceeding it can break out easier.