Expected Volume for Forex Daily?


I know that when setting up the EV indicator for 5 min, or 20 min, you need to set the “Period Length in Minutes” setting to either 5 or 20. My question is what would I set it to for daily Forex charts? I know this may be a dumb question, but I just want to confirm if possible. Thanks in advance!


If you are referring to EV as Expected Volume. Just use the Expected Volume v8 indicator. It is programmed in for 10 minutes IF you are using Diagnostics bars. IF using minute bars the indicator will auto detect for you.

If you are asking about Expected Range and Hi to High OR Close to Close, then yes, you can use 5 minutes or hourly for your Forex trades. 20 minutes is for US Indices.


Thank you, Craigmac! I am using Expected Volume V8 and diagnostic bars. I’m starting to get into Forex Daily trades so i’m just trying to get my charts together. I will try what you suggested.