Expected Volume Guidlelines


This is the first place I go when looking at a trade after determining that every thing else lines up by collor. The question I have is how far above the EV level does volume need to justify making the trade. I’d expect there is no set answer. But on the right hand side of the indicator there are numbers which look like they measure how far above or below current volume is versus what it is expected to be. Is that correct? If so how are these numbers to be read and interpreted. Im looking fo establish sort of guideline to use and to monitor against trade results


There are no set guidelines to this in general. But what Apex system are you using to trade that you are trying to incorporate the Expected Volume into? This may help us clarify some answers for you


Sharpshooter IZone. EV is already on the chart. Anyway, Can you tell what the numbes on the right hand side of the histogram mean?


Please provide charts that have drawings words on them showing what it is y ou are asking. If you just mean numbers in the right axis column your making it to complex you can turn them off if you want to. Either it is exceeding or its not exceeding. Either volume is rising or it is declining there is no need for a set number. That is all we are looking for. The use of this depends on the system and the style being used. EV is not a required rule on IZSS its just for learning how to better read the markets and make trading decisions. Until you can make them on the system alone you will not be able to make them with style so back off on ranges and EV and deviations and such until you have mastered all the rules on this one system alone.