Expected Volume - Incorrect Data?


So my Expected Volume indicator seems to be acting a little odd… On every chart, no matter how far I go back in history, it shows barely any movement as if volume never came close to meeting expectations. Crazy coincidence? Something wrong with my chart/indicator? I can’t seem to figure it out and I don’t have anything to compare my charts to. This problem started yesterday morning (12/13/16).

Ive attached 3 screenshots of my charts & indicator settings. Any feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I’m currently using Trend Catcher for 5 min’s

Thanks in advance!


This issues seems to come up every rollover. For your Forex Chart you will be using a Forex Data provider such as FXCM. Correct?

Not for the chart…But for the Indicators to work correctly…you need to use Spot Forex Futures Data. Again, not for the charts but for the indicators to work correctly. This data comes from CQG. So you need to load in Ninja Instrument Manager the different Spot Forex Futures that you use. For AUD use 6A. For EUR use 6E. For GBP use 6B. For JPY use 6J. Once loaded in Ninja instrument manager, these need to be rolled 4 times a year. FXCM does not roll contracts only the 6’s in Ninja. Once loaded your issues will stop. FYI–this is also the reason that you must load CQG Data Before you load FXCM Data for your trading day. If you do the reverse and load FXCM before you load CGQ, your indicators will be off and you can receive a error message.