Expected Volume Value Cannot be Null Parameter name:key Please Help


Hello all,

Over the past couple of days I am not getting volumes and I see this error. I have reset instruments, I have added back the default 24/7 on all. I have checked rollover dates and gotten rid of the old ones. I followed the tip sheet and could do all except find the “instruments.json” file to delete. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the tool kit as a last ditch before asking the question.

Will someone be a pal and give me some direction here? I really try to trade on the volume and need this working. I appreciate the help.



Can’t tell from your chart, but are you connected to futures (I.e. CQG) and forex data feeds and did you connect in that order?


Yes they were both connected in that order. Thanks for the reply.


Please submit a ticket to the Help Desk so that tech support can assist you here


Ticket has been submitted since early am. I deleted everything and reinstalled. Volume is working now but my bar settings are not. IE: Tick size open reversal doesn’t show. Is there a number to call instead of waiting on ticket resolution?