From Losing half of account to consistent profiting, a chat in the ER with one who has been there


This is a conversation from 03/06/2018 in the Elite room with a trader, Douglas, who has been all over the map with his trading to the point of nearly quitting. Now he has been consistent in his live trading for a few months after following the Fast Track with Power Plays. He talks about his journey and how he did it.

11:59:37 {durian_-Douglas} quiet today 12:01:44 {lh541_Lori} I was just looking over your charts… I see you kicked arse today again 12:02:32 {durian-Douglas} yes, traded longer than expected, liking the trend trading 12:03:04 {durian-Douglas} stopped thinking as account as money, just a tool 12:03:24 {lh541_Lori} you caught the same TB I did early on and exited almost the same place 12:03:53 {durian-Douglas} first trade? 12:04:01 {lh541_Lori} I forget which one now… 12:04:09 {durian-Douglas} or 2nd? 12:04:44 {lh541_Lori} 9:45 12:05:12 {lh541_Lori} different entries… and slightly different exits 12:05:38 {lh541_Lori} you grabbed 109, I had 79 ticks 12:06:04 {durian-Douglas} yes the second, I was thinking quick scalp off that wall, but let it roll 12:06:18 {lh541_Lori} you sure rocked it 12:06:52 {durian-Douglas} did you go much longer than 10:00 or so? 12:07:06 {lh541_Lori} I was done with that one 12:07:14 {durian-Douglas} I was going to stop but it just kept coming 12:07:22 {lh541_Lori} I got busy marking charts 12:07:52 {durian-Douglas} that cluster at the swing was a solid entry 12:08:44 {lh541_Lori} I took a TB. was waiting for it 12:08:52 {lh541_Lori} I had taken the chop break down before that too 12:09:14 {lh541_Lori} TB to chop box 12:09:46 {lh541_Lori} only 20 on the scalp… but that put me at my goal … so done after the run up 12:09:42 {amenen20-Alberto} Disconnected 3/6/2018. 12:10:03 {durian-Douglas} I missed that, grabbed the cluster, couldn’t remember what its officially called 12:10:34 {durian-Douglas} don’t think in those terms anymore 12:10:44 {durian-Douglas} I just act 12:11:02 {lh541_Lori} you certainly get in the zone 12:11:09 {lh541_Lori} amazing 12:11:53 {durian-Douglas} always have that guitar music playing and think of nothing, when trading I have no wife, kids, bills or troubles 12:14:39 {durian-Douglas} if I am distracted I don’t trade well, 3/4 of the battle is to realize when to take the day off 12:14:55 {lh541_Lori} agreed 12:15:02 {randallsfinances-Randall} Agreed 12:15:10 {lh541_Lori} once in a trade… I need distractions to keep myself out of my own way. but before that… need concentration 12:15:50 {lh541_Lori} you have out ticked me every day you trade since… well, a long time 12:16:13 {lh541_Lori} mama bear so proud :slight_smile: 12:16:14 {jhawk5492-Jared} Douglas that’s a lot of great praise you are getting from Lori. You must be doing pretty dang awesome. 12:16:35 {durian-Douglas} Thank you both! 12:17:01 {durian-Douglas} I can post today’s damage if you like 12:17:08 {lh541_Lori} go for it 12:17:19 {durian-Douglas} Ok 12:17:39 {jhawk5492-Jared} I’d love to see it as well. 12:17:46 {lh541_Lori} he has been consistent for a long time now 12:18:01 {lh541_Lori} after I yelled at him on one of his chart markups… he started really listening to what I told him 12:18:28 {jhawk5492-Jared} lol, well good.
12:18:37 {jhawk5492
-Jared} Maybe I need you to yell at me once. :slight_smile: 12:18:40 {durian-Douglas} and started replay in a new way 12:18:48 {lh541_Lori} he marked up and sent so many charts… I was soo sick of seeing his charts (I never told him that before) 12:19:28 {lh541_Lori} but if he was putting in the effort… I was going to keep my end up too 12:19:26 {durian-Douglas} I kind of felt like a pest 12:19:35 {jhawk5492-Jared} Way to go Douglas.
12:19:38 {randallsfinances
-Randall} so was Lori 12:20:03 {durian-Douglas} you have to search out the best source of info 12:20:29 {lh541_Lori} he really paid attention to the comments I put on the charts 12:20:43 {jhawk5492-Jared} I know I need to post more charts. I’m working on it. For some reason I wasn’t able to get on Jing the past week or so, after all my other computer issues got fixed. 12:21:13 {lh541_Lori} Douglas posted every single chart every single day… weekend… weekday… 12:21:29 {lh541_Lori} replay, live market… all of it 12:21:38 {lh541_Lori} good , bad… ugly… and some of it was ugly 12:21:40 {durian-Douglas} 12:21:51 {lh541_Lori} but check out those charts… it was worth it all! 12:22:16 {durian-Douglas} the one comment I remember most w 12:22:36 {durian-Douglas} had something to do with her foot and my backside! 12:22:59 {lh541_Lori} lol 12:23:03 {jhawk5492-Jared} Wow, I admire you sitting through all those retraces on your first trade Douglas. Nice patience. 12:23:21 {lh541_Lori} GOAL: TRADE WELL…DO NOT COUNT TICKS 12:23:31 {durian-Douglas} Thanks Jared 12:23:58 {lh541_Lori} when you trade well, the tick count just naturally follows 12:24:20 {durian-Douglas} I don’t look at P/L until I am done 12:24:21 {jhawk5492-Jared} consistency is key. 12:25:53 {durian-Douglas} I got into the mind frame while practicing , to do it like a musician, miss a entry, do it again, blow a stop do it again and again until muscle memory set in 12:27:14 {durian-Douglas} If you really think about it…what’s a musician thinking about when performing… nothing 12:27:33 {durian-Douglas} it just rolls out 12:27:50 {karentommila-Karen} I have a note pad when I take a trade I write down real quick what happened… win… loose… and why it lost… then I go back over my chart when I am done and look at my notes to see what I was thinking… it give myself accountability… so far it’s working 12:27:51 {lh541_Lori} tell me… and be honest… Could you have gotten to where you are if you had not turned in every chart? Could it happen just watching other peeps charts and learning from comments in the room and mentor room? 12:29:17 {durian-Douglas} no, My thoughts on that are this, if your are willing to give the time then I will be accountable to you and follow the program to the T 12:30:11 {durian-Douglas} The ER helps, but I could not trade and watch all that at the same time 12:30:48 {lh541_Lori} that is great Karen 12:31:59 {durian-Douglas} Awesome Karen, I journal every trade as well 12:33:05 {rkool053-Ray} yes Karen a great idea, I am going to start doing that, I was doing a mini version of what you suggested 12:33:29 {durian-Douglas} To be completely honest, after blowing almost half my account back in October, I was going to pack it in 12:34:14 {lh541_Lori} what changed 12:35:21 {jhawk5492-Jared} I haven’t posted even half of the amount of charts Douglas has, but I can answer your question on that too Lori. No. Without posting what I was doing for you and others to help me see it correctly, I would not be trading right now. I’d have run out of money a long time ago. 12:35:50 {durian-Douglas} I stripped myself down to the bare nuts and bolts and follow the fast track that is setup, post every chart even though it made me look stupid at times, practice hard every waking hour. 12:37:01 {lh541_Lori} better to look stupid for a moment and to trade well for a lifetime 12:37:20 {jhawk5492-Jared} Is that a DM quote? 12:37:25 {lh541_Lori} idk 12:37:37 {lh541_Lori} it is how I always felt when i was learning… I did not care what I looked like 12:37:45 {lh541_Lori} I learned to trade futures on camera… I looked about as stupid as I could get 12:38:02 {jhawk5492-Jared} Then we’ll call it a Lori quote. :slight_smile:
12:38:22 {lh541_Lori} I did not care… I wanted to trade well as soon as possible… that meant doing it that way…get the questions answered and the charts marked 12:38:17 {jhawk5492
-Jared} Well, it definitely paid off for you.
12:38:51 {durian
-Douglas} Yes and what was really stupid for me was trying to explain to my wife what happened to 5K 12:39:12 {jhawk5492-Jared} ouch 12:39:16 {lh541_Lori} tuition to the school of hard knocks trading 12:39:22 {durian-Douglas} talk about foot and backside 12:40:06 {lh541_Lori} it only took you from what …October to January to be consistent and go live… I forget exact time frame 12:40:24 {lh541_Lori} I do remember when you thought you were ready to go live… I said you were not… and you did not do it 12:40:45 {durian-Douglas} with sound advice, a bit of yelling on Lori’s part, and me listening I made that 5K back in 1 week 12:41:01 {jhawk5492-Jared} Wow! Awesome Douglas! 12:41:33 {durian-Douglas} And now working on my bank roll so I can quit my job 12:42:31 {lh541_Lori} many peeps think they are farther along on the journey to consistent trading than they really are… I’m so happy you listened and made it to the land of consistency! 12:42:05 {jhawk5492-Jared} excellent 12:42:12 {durian-Douglas} Which I almost did quit my job until DM and Lori gave me sound advice about all that 12:42:29 {randallsfinances-Randall} Great work Douglas! 12:43:08 {durian-Douglas} Thanks Randall, miss you buddy 12:43:52 {karentommila-Karen} Great Job Douglas!! 12:44:00 {lh541_Lori} apex gives you every tool you need to get there… you just have to choose to learn to use them correctly … not just assume you know 12:44:28 {randallsfinances-Randall} I am back in the ER… Thanks Douglas… Always happy to be with the Apex family… 12:44:29 {durian-Douglas} Thanks Karen 12:45:25 {durian-Douglas} unfortunately, my attention span is so short I cant chat and trade at the same time, some can I cant 12:46:40 {randallsfinances-Randall} I understand that completely 12:47:19 {durian-Douglas} But I do need to change my Nickname, Durian is the stinkiest fruit in SE Asia, I used that because my trading stunk 12:47:34 {randallsfinances-Randall} lol 12:47:36 {lh541_Lori} lol… yeah… I would say 12:47:43 {jhawk5492-Jared} lol 12:49:01 {lh541_Lori} I still look at his charts daily… but now it is to see what I missed for good setups… lol 12:49:17 {lh541_Lori} cant remember the last time i had any comments to add to one of his charts… but l now look forward to them every day 12:49:19 {randallsfinances-Randall} haha 12:49:41 {durian-Douglas} going to change to Supeno, my father in law gave me that name a long time ago, means Beautiful Dream in Indonesian 12:49:54 {lh541_Lori} ah… that fits 12:50:05 {durian-Douglas} Thanks Lori 12:50:13 {randallsfinances-Randall} Over 200 ticks… I’ll say… 12:50:49 {jhawk5492-Jared} I like it when I see someone’s chart like what you posted Douglas and see that I took a couple of the same trades you did. But then I get depressed when I see how many ticks you got when I only got 7-10 per trade. It is my intention just to scalp right now, but part of that is because I’m scared to stay in it long. 12:51:43 {durian-Douglas} Jared I became a student of OP, that keeps me in a lot of trades 12:52:09 {jhawk5492-Jared} I lack sufficient knowledge there. 12:52:46 {durian-Douglas} watch as orders come in and how much it moves 12:53:14 {jhawk5492-Jared} Will do. I’ll go back and watch all the videos on it again as well. 12:53:50 {durian-Douglas} that’s where replay comes in, over and over and you mind will start to pick up on it 12:54:22 {jhawk5492-Jared} Ugh. I wish I could do more replay.
12:55:35 {durian
-Douglas} that’s the key, practice and you will put the pieces together, 12:56:31 {tradeornottotrade-Trade} very happy for you Douglas 12:56:36 {jhawk5492-Jared} My only issue is I don’t have a computer at home. So I can only trade when I’m at work in the office. I try to stay late or come in on Saturday’s so I can do replay. Just limited because of that. 12:57:53 {durian-Douglas} Keep pluggin Jared, and it will become clear 12:58:19 {lh541_Lori} Thank you for sharing your journey Douglas 12:58:44 {randallsfinances-Randall} Absolutely 12:59:27 {durian-Douglas} Your welcome Lori, and thank you for yelling at me that one night. Did a world of good 12:59:47 {lh541_Lori} oh,…I can do that any time :wink: 13:00:09 {jhawk5492-Jared} Thanks Douglas. Will do. 13:00:26 {durian-Douglas} Yes you can, and cant wait to meet you in Dallas 13:00:33 {lh541_Lori} me too 13:00:42 {durian-_Douglas} Your welcome Jared

Thank you for sharing this Douglas!