FXCM Exists US - Who Now


I had a FOREX account with NinjaTrader Brokerage that got switched to Forex.com (Gain Capital). The first thing I noticed was my charts looked completely different, as if it was a different market. It also appears that volume in very sparse. This makes me very concerned about trading live with them. Have other experienced that same thing, and if so, who have you gone with (understanding you may have a different connection for brokerage and data)?


Can you explain how your charts look different??

Unless I totally change the settings, every single Ninjatrader chart looks the same, regardless of what instrument I am trading.

There was just a roll over on the FX Futures (6s). So sometimes the volume can seem a little off for a couple days.

I had that happen to me last time there was a roll over.


The best example was a USDJPY 10 minute chart. With the FXCM feed, the entire candlestick chart was trending up. From the Gain feed the entire chart was trending down and at the current moment they were 22 pips apart. To confirm I did refresh historical data on both. One was in NT 7 and the other on NT 8 for comparison purposes. This continues on all 12 major pairs I follow.



who had the correct price??


Boy that’s a tough one and I think it depends on the point of view. As volume is much higher on fxcm I tend to think they did. But since my live account is with forex.com, I really have to go with their price as correct as those will be where my trades are executed and they say their feed is correct.