Great Success for 3 months... Then A WALL


Hey fellow Snipers… putting this out there… I have been flying with the Apex sniper system, but in the last 4-6 weeks I went from trading the best I have ever in 2 years of learning to trade to just flat hitting a wall. I think it’s psychological, but I’m not sure. I am sharing below the screenshot of every trade I’ve made this month, good, bad, and horrific… lol. Most of the losses I can tell you myself what I did wrong, but that’s not going to make me better. So I’m following DM’s instructions, getting real, and putting myself out there. There’s quite a few shots, so comment on any you like… Thanks in advance…

So here goes…

April Week 1-

Week 2-

Week 3-


covered all this on trade review on the elite room posted under webinars market reviews